Join us in Creating a Hunger-Free Future: Serving Meals during the Auspicious month of Kartika.

Vrindavan is a town known for its love and devotion. By participating in the Food For Soul Kartik Maas Prasad Seva, you become a part of this loving tradition, sharing your blessings with those who seek spiritual growth and solace. Your generosity will not only fill their stomachs but also warm their hearts with the knowledge that there are compassionate souls like you who care for their spiritual journey. 


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Donation Total: ₹5,100.00

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How Your Donation Makes a Difference:

Your contribution to the Food For Soul Kartik Maas Prasad Seva will directly impact the lives of those who come to Vrindavan seeking solace and spiritual nourishment. Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

  1. Feeding the Devotees: Your donation will help provide nutritious meals to hundreds of devotees and visitors daily, ensuring they have the energy and strength to perform their spiritual practices.
  2. Supporting Sadhus: Many sadhus and ascetics come to Vrindavan with minimal possessions, relying on the kindness of others. Your donation will support these holy men during their stay.
  3. Preserving Tradition: By contributing to this cause, you help preserve the sacred tradition of Kartik Maas and make it accessible to all, regardless of their financial means.

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Personal Info

Donation Total: ₹5,100.00

Some FAQ's

The main objective of our society is to provide nutritious meals to underprivileged and elderly populations, particularly sadhus and widow women, in the sacred cities of Vrindavan, Navadwip, and Puri. Click Here for Direct Donation 

Yes, we are proud to say that our society is a certified organization with 80G & 12A certifications by the Indian government.

You can stay updated on our society’s work and future initiatives by following our website and social media channels. We regularly share updates, success stories, and ways for individuals to get involved.

Yes, we hope that our model can serve as an inspiration for other cities and communities to implement similar seva-based social service initiatives. Our goal is to make the world a better place for all by fostering a sense of care and support in communities.

After you complete your donation successfully, you will find the ‘GET 80G’ button on the payment success page. Please fill in your PAN number, complete address, name as per PAN and submit. Your 80G certificate will be get via email.

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