Sri Vraj-Mandal Dham Parikrama — 2023

Online Registration Starts 11th Sept 2023

Sri Vraj-Mandal Dham Parikrama — 2023

Dear Devotees,

To fulfill the inner most desire of Srila Gurudev Nitya-Lila pravista om visnupad Astottarashata Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gosvami Maharaj ji International Goudiya Vedanta Trust (IGVT) is organizing “Sri Vraj-Mandal Dham Parikrama — 2023″ in the auspicious month of Karthik. 

IGVT cordially invites all the devotees for this auspicious Parikrama. 

The Schedule is as follows​

(A)  27 th October – 10 th November


Stay at Sri Gopinath Bhavan, Vrindavan

(B)  11th – 27th November

Stay at Sri Karsni Ramanreti Ashram, Govardhan

The Sewa charge includes only the following

  • Room with attached washroom
  • Bus charges for selected days
  • Three times/day Prasad

For Full month/person :  ₹ 21,000/-

No of Days Per Day Total
  Room  30  350  10500
  Prasad  30  250  7500
  Bus  9  200  1800
  Festival Fee  30  40  1200
  • Any devotee who wants do parikrama in their own vehicle, their Bus fee of 1800/- will be refunded.
  • Any devotee who wish to book their own room for parikrama are welcome to pay only that part (festival fee and Prasad or Bus)  which they are availing from IGVT. Only Cash payment will be accepted from them during parikrama Registration and not by online.

Indian Devotees Booking

Full Month Booking (A+B)

Bed           ₹ 21,000
Mattress  ₹ 18,500

(Price for 1 Person)

[2 Bed + 1 Mattress — Room]

Any Part of the Month Booking (A or B)​

For Bed

Part A ₹ 11,000
Part B  ₹ 12,000

(Price for 1 Person)

[2 Bed + 1 Mattress — Room]

For Mattress

Part A ₹ 9,500

Part B ₹ 10,500

(Price for 1 Person)

[2 Bed + 1 Mattress — Room]

For Single Room Booking

(Full Month)

Single Room for 1 Person (₹ 40,500)
Single Room for 2 Person (₹ 51,000)
Single Room for 2+1 Person (₹ 61,000)

(Room For Full Month -- ₹ 30,000 (1000/day)
Full Month Prasad+Bus+Festival fee -- ₹ 10,500 / person)

(Part A or B)

Single Room for 1 Person (₹ 21,000)
Single Room for 2 Person (₹ 26,000)
Single Room for 2+1 Person (₹ 32,000)

Outside India Devotees Booking

Please Contact

Vrinda Didi : +91 9560911958

Registration and festival fee ( in cash) will be accepted upon arrival only. There is no online registration facility at present.

FAQ's About Parikrama Registration

For maintaining discipline and providing you with better sewa, we are requesting all the devotees to please choose the Sewa accurately. Please read the instructions carefully before you make registration for the desired service. For any clarification please write to parikrama@igvt.org

Parikrama will start from Friday, 27th October and Ends on Monday, 27th November 2023. 

(A)  27 th October – 10 th November 

Stay at Sri Gopinath Bhavan, Vrindavan

(B)  11th – 27th November

Stay at Sri Karsni Ramanreti Ashram, Govardhan

Please choose the relevant sewa from any part of (A or B) of the month.

Yes, Please mention the details in remarks section of payment page.

This is very easy to register, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Also we have a demo registration video you can watch by clicking here.

for any queries please write to parikrama@igvt.org or call us +91 80820-86715, +91 97762 32328, +91 95839-82245.

You don’t need to worry about that please feel free to call on the support team number given below.

  1. Aadhar Card Scan Copy and Number.
  2. If you are from outside India than you need passport scan copy.

After completing your registration and payment you will get a confirmation mail and message from IGVT with a Registration Id. You can use that further reference.

Please contact registration desk once you reach for parikrama.


For any inquiries please contact

+91 80820-86715

Sripad BV Padmanabh Maharaj

Hindi, Bengali & English

+91 97762-38328

Sripad BV Bodhayan Maharaj

Hindi, Bengali & English

+91 95839-82245

Sripad Ramani Mohan Das

Hindi, Bengali & English

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