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Food Distribution

To work, play, and live with dignity, everyone needs a safe, healthy food system. From early childhood to thriving adulthood, and into old age. Join our community in feeding the hungry.
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Blanket Distribution

During the Pandemic of COVID-19, without caring about their lives, our volunteers have reached the Hundreds of poor families and have distributed Blankets to them.
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Grocery Kit Distribution

We are distributing Free Grocery Kit. Help the family who does not able to afford a healthier food, that has the basics everyone needs to get started cooking, eating healthier.
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785 million people lack basic access to nutritious onetime full meal. We’re on a mission to change that.

IGTV’s aim is to promote universal brotherhood, love and peace by spreading spiritual knowledge. It is the endeavour of IGVT to build temples and preaching centres as places of peace, balance and personal upliftment. IGVT provides aid to many communities. Especially amid the corona outbreak, IGVT has been striving to help vulnerable communities. IGVT has provided cooked meals from their temples across Delhi, Nabadwip(Bengal), Vrindavan and Puri. They have distributed almost 50,000+ plates of cooked food. They have also provided grocery kits to over 2,000+ Sadhus in Vrindavan.

Together, we can eradicate the food crisis

we have distributed  1000 grocery kits to 1000 matajis in Goverdhan and Radha Kund. Each kit consists of rice, atta, oil, salt, sugar, chilli powder and turmeric powder. Each kit will help a mataji for the next 20 days providing 2 meals per day. We request you to please keep supporting us. 


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Change the world with us

With your kind donations, this time, we could distribute more than 5000 grocery kits at various locations of Baati and Maghera in Vrindavan