Life Management Programme For Youth

To create a better and happier world to live. To provide a life full of happiness, success and bliss which is permanent in nature, this program is conceptualized by IGVT. This program aims to provide the holistic learning for the members of the society. This program aims to inculcate the right values in the society through the factual and deep understanding of the scriptures


Objectives :

  1. To create a happy and successful society, happy and successful families and in turn individuals are needed. This program’s objective is to create a happy and successful society, family and individuals
  2. To create permanent happiness and success through the application of the factual understanding of Indian vedic scriptures
  3. To have the factual and pure understanding of the scriptures which is beyond any human ( material ) contamination
  4. To break the generally myths about spiritualism



  1. Regular weekly classes at well-equipped Conference room at 3rd Floor of Shri Raman Vihari Goudiya Math , Janakpuri on Sunday 10 AM to 11.30 PM . The sessions shall be followed by light prasadam after every class.
  2. Monthly- Theme based workshops
  3. Excursions on six monthly basis
  4. Residential program at the Math at regular intervals ( One night – two days or two nights three days, depending upon availability of time with the participants)
  5. Language used will be mix of Hindi and English both



The program is meant for individuals, families who belong to age group from 28 to 65. The professionals who seek to happy and successful world on permanent basis are most eligible for this program. Needless to mention that commitment and sincerity is the prerequisite for this program.

Representative Content only

·       What is real happiness ·       How to change the society/world
·       What is success ·       What is Punya and Paap Karma
·       Success comes before happiness or vice versa ·       Does astrology work in life
·       Who am I ·       Can I change my fate
·       Why do I feel sad/depressed ·       Can I become the person I want to be
·       Why I suffer more than others ·       Is there life after death
·       What is aim of life ·       Study of Various Granths



Program Coordinator: Dr Neeraj Sharma (Shirpad Nand Kishore Das).

Dr Neeraj Sharma holds a M.Tech from IIT Kharapur and PhD from IIT Delhi. He has more than 25 years of corporate experience in leadership roles in best Known organizations including various MNC’s. Also known as the “Bheeshma Pitmah” of Technology Based Education in India, he has worked in the leadership roles for the best known names in Ed Tech Industry such as Hughes, NIIT, UpGrad, Great Learning, and is currently the Director of Partnerships at Teachmint. He has authored papers in national and international journals along with a book “Man Manthan” – collection of hindi poetry.

Program Coordinator: Mrs Monika Mehan  (Sushree Madhavi Dasi).

Mrs Monika Mehan holds MSc ( Botany) and LLB from Delhi University. She carries more than 30 years of academic experience in the school education. She has been a teacher, teacher coordinator, head Mistress and currently a principal of a reputed school in Delhi for the last more than 10 years. She has received awards for her exemplary work from Organization of national and international repute.

For registrations and queries: Dr Neeraj Sharma @ 9811122237 or Mrs Monika Mehan 9811634586 ( whatsapp and voice)

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