Gaudiya Palkee Sewa

The higher and larger purpose of the spirituality is its inclusivity. To create awareness about the definition of spirituality and to create the awareness about spiritual life, glimpses should be demonstrated in the society through some brief but all small parts of a complete programs. This program aims to train devotees in sankirtan, keertan, katha, arti and prasad distribution and prasad honoring. This program gives a chance for people to do some punya karma to begin and get into the principles of deep bhakti later. This creates awareness about the places of true worship like math etc.

Objectives :

  1. To involve families of individuals who are pursuing the principles of spirituality
  2. Formal training of conducting
    1. Nagar Sankeertan
    2. Keertan
    3. Katha ( on a topic for wide variety of audience)
    4. Arti
    5. Bhog
    6. Prasad preparation
    7. Prasad distribution
    8. Prasad honouring
    9. How to organize the spiritual festivals


  1. Weekly of bimonthly sessions are conducted at the pre booked locations. You are encouraged to invite the paalkee yaatra at your place.
  2. The group of devotees from IGVT’s math under the guidance of a senior devotee visit this house.
  3. The house and the neighbors witness a complete spiritual experience starting from how to greet the devotees upto how to see them off. This includes keertan, katha, arti,





The programs is only meant for individuals /families who wish to conduct a spiritual activity at their home. Those individuals/societies who wish to purify their residences or societies or those who wish to create awareness about the benefits of spirituality are invited to attend or invite the paalkee to their residences /offices.

Representative Content only

·       Katha on various relevant topics ·       Nagar Sankeertan
·       Keertan ·       Importance of Dakshina
·       How to greet devotees ·       What is spirituality
·       How to make the altar ·       Difference between religious vs spiritual activity
·       How to prepare Praasadam ·       How to see off devotees
·       How to distribute Prasadam ·       How to involve others in the spiritual activity
·       How to honor Prasadam ·       Make the presence of math felt in the society


Program Coordinator: Shripad Naveen Krishna Das

Shripad Naveen Krishna Das is a  disciple of Nitya Lila Pravishta Om Vishnu Pad Astotar Shat Shri Shrimad Bhakti Vedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaj. He has been running this service for the last more than 10 years at Shri Raman Vihari Goudiya Math. He has a Graduate Degree from Delhi University and has experience in the area of food & beverage Industry, pharmaceutical industry  and staffing at  Business Process Management Industry before taking up the spiritual life on full time basis.

For registrations Please contact : Shripad Naveen Krishna Das @ 9810750991

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