Gaudiya Namahatta

IGVT wishes to reach out to every that individual who wishes to understand the science of spirituality. IGVT believes every individual has a right to educate himself in the spiritual science. The constraint of access and distance to a specific center at a location ( for some distant location) is taken care of by this wonderful initiative of IGVT. The program aims to train the devotees in a location near to their house ( a temple/school/house of an individual etc) and they practice in the local group. Once or twice they visit the main temple and once the senior devotees visit these centres. By this IGVT attempt to create Vaishnav classrooms on entire globe.

Objectives :

  1. To create classrooms at nearby locations thereby handling the distance issue
  2. To practice all limbs of bhakti by doing keertan, hearing katha, honouring prasadam and creating loving relationship with other devotees
  3. To create a larger awareness about the math, scriptures, spiritual activities and their permanent benefits in the local area
  4. To create a hub and spoke model and also to involve the entire family, friends and neighborhood in the whole process



  1. Weekly evening classes on weekdays or morning classes on weekends ( depending upon the convenience of the group) for 2 hours time
  2. They are conducted at a pre decided centrally located place like a local temple/school/devotees house
  3. Once a week or on bimonthly basis, a senior devotee from Shri Raman Vihari Goudiya Math visits this venue for weekly/bimonthly interaction
  4. The group of devotees visit Shri Raman Vihari Goudiya Math, Janakpuri on regular weekly or bimonthly basis.


The programs is specially  meant for those devotees who have strong and sincere desire to associate with Shri Raman Vihari Goudiya Math and its activities but stay at far away places. The set of devotees who stay 8 to 10 kms away or more are encouraged to create a Goudiya Naam Hatt Chapter and run it with the help of Shri Ramna Vihari Goudiya Math devotees

Representative Content only

·       Katha on various topics ·       Nagar Sankeertan
·       Group Chanting ·       Keertan
·       Prasadam preparation ·       Sharing and resolving balance issues- material vs spiritual life
·       Prasadam distribution ·       Dhaam visits in groups
·       Honoring prasadam ·       Occasional house programs
·       Celebrating various Vaishnava tithis ·       Extension activities by spreading awareness
·       Celebratng birthdays/anniversaries ·       Serving Math as a team


Program Coordinator:Shripad Brajesh Das ( Shri Brajesh Budhiraja Prabhu)

Shripad Brajesh prabhu belongs to a high class Vaishnava family where his parents, brother and sister , brother in law have been serving IGVT in more than one ways. He holds a graduate degree from Delhi University. He is a successful businessman. His bhajan is famous and appreciated by all. He along with his wife and daughter are serving at Shri Raman Vihari Goudiya Math in various sewa groups. He is joint coordinator for last more than 5 years of annual fancy dress competition organized at math, one week after Janmashtami.


For registrations Please contact : Shripad Brajesh Das @9810854916 & 9911043430

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